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Mezzanine floors

If you want to optimise all the available space in your self-storage building a mezzanine floor may be the solution.

Our sturdy, lightweight, high-tensile steel mezzanine system allows for multilevel self-storage at relatively low cost. The steel-frame mezzanine structure is built in accordance with layout drawings for the building, which will include high-quality stairs to provide access to each level.

Our engineers provide designs conforming to all local building codes.

Building assessment

For any construction project undertaken, we put safety first, always ensuring that projects meet the building codes in your country. For mezzanine floors there will be building-height/floor-height and fire-safety requirement. We will be happy to assess your building and provide recommendations for building a mezzanine floor in your self-storage facility. However, should it turn out that a mezzanine floor is not an option, you might consider adding top boxes and a rolling staircase to maximise your self-storage space.

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